Computer Gk Quiz-20 || GK Questions

Important question for JOA IT exam 2021

1. _________  is not a storage device.


2. Microsoft company was founded in which year ?


3. How are registers measured ?


4. A ________ is approximately one billion bytes ?


5. ______ optical data storage is a technology where data is stored in multiple layers iin the optical disc.


6. Which of the following stores data in a computer permanently ?


7. In MICR, C stands for _______


8. Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task ?


9. Which of the following is not a storage device ?


10. The shape of DVD is _______


11. In _______ computers computation is carried out with physical quantities such as volage, length , current , temprature etc.


12. Which of th following is not a secondary storage unit ?


13. PROLOG language was developed by ?


14. BASIC language was invented by John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz in which year ?


15. Which of the following memory chip is faster ?


16. Cache and main memory will lose their contents when the power is off. They are ______


17. Which key should you use to indent the first paragraph of your report ?


18. Which of the following is a video format ?


19. A DVD is an example of ______


20. Write through technique is used in which memory for updating the data ?


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