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Computer GK Quiz-2 || Computer GK Important Questions

1. Third Generation Computers were based on________


2. In EDSAC, an addition Operation was completed in _______ micro seconds.


3. ULSI stands for__________


4. Which of the following is the fourth Generation Computer?


5. IC is made up of _____


6. Father of modern Computer is ______


7. A hybrid computer is the one having combined properties of ______


8. Which of the following uses a handheld Operating Systems?


9. A_____ terminal can display images as well as text.


10. The word length of Micro Computers lies in the range between 


Computer Questions

Dear Aspirants, Welcome To AJ knowledge Hub , Here we are providing you important questions and answers of Computer fundamentals . It will very useful for upcoming exams like IBPS, SSC, LIC or other state level exams. We also have include some important questions and answers which are repeatedly asked in previous exams. So attempt this quiz and share with your friends. For General knowledge Questions you can click here.

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