Computer Question Answer in Hindi 2023 Best Gk Questions

Computer GK Quiz -16 || Computer GK Important Questions


Compilers and Interpreters are themeselves ______


2. Find option is avilable under which of the following menu ?


3. Which of the following is the slowest internet connection?



Which of the following key is a minimal super key?


5. Which protocol is used to convert to IP addresses to MAC addresses?


6. Which of the following network devices is used to content networks using different protocols?


7. Which menu contains the option to add symbols in a word docs?


8. Which of the new default font used in MS word 2016 document?


9. What is the full form of USB?


10. Which of the following computer langauge is used for Artificial Intelligence?


11. Which of the following is the full form of LSI?


12. The landscape layout of a page refers to ___________ orientaion.


13. You cannot save an excel file in a __________ format.


14. ________ is the process of carrying out commands.


15. Which term is not related with font ?


16. Which of the following function  is not performed by servers?


17. Which of the following is true about URL?


18. Which of the following is fastest?


19. Which of the following is the shortcut key to close an active tab of a browser?


20.  What is the decorative text called that you can add to a document ?


Computer Question Answer in Hindi

Test your knowledge of computers with our computer GK quiz! This quiz is designed to challenge your understanding of various aspects of computer science, technology, and history. Whether you’re a computer enthusiast or just curious about the world of technology, this quiz will put your knowledge to the test.

The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions covering a wide range of topics related to computers. You’ll encounter computer question answer in hindi about computer hardware, software, programming languages, operating systems, internet technologies, and more. Each question will have multiple options, and you’ll need to select the correct answer from the given choices.

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